Monday, February 28, 2011

DecalGirl Skins

For Christmas last year, my wonderful Hubby decided to indulge my reading hobby by getting me a Nook sold by Barnes and Noble. (I plan on doing a full review/video of the Nook soon). I immediately began searching for ways to "beautify" my new gadget and continuously heard great things about DecalGirl skins. After spending several days trying to achieve the impossible by choosing just *one* skin, I finally decided on Cosmic Flower in Matte Finish. I was unable to find any videos of the application process for the Nook so I did one myself.
Let me just go on the record to say how awesome these skins are. The back doesn't quite extend all the way to the edges, which is my only complaint. The quality is great, it is still on there perfectly in-tact after 2+ months of pretty heavy use. The Matte Finish prevents fingerprints and reduces glare. I am still in love with the design I chose. I was a bit concerned about the busyness of the design, but once I start reading, I don't even notice it. Here a few photos as well:

I would definitely recommend DecalGirl products. If you buy something from them, you can always use the code "GIMME10" for 10% off. They also do alot of great coupons every few weeks. I will try to post them here for you all.

Just in case you were curious, here were the Runner-Ups:
Winter Sparkle
Blossoming Almond Tree
Spring's Sweet Song

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