Monday, February 28, 2011

Growing Sweet Peas (2.28.11)

I have to admit, I suffer from "Black Thumb Denial". I am fascinated by nurturing and watching things grow. However for some reason, the things I decide to start growing just have NO will to live what-so-ever. But I refuse to give up. After failing with both Orchids and Strawberries, I have decided to attempt to grow Sweet Pea flowers. I bought a seed pack from Wal-Mart for 1.00 and used the left over container and soil from my failed Strawberry project. (Hey, dead roots have to provide some type of fertilizer right??)
Anywhoo--I planted them on Mon Feb. 21st. The pack said it takes about 10-14 days until germination so I wasn't expecting much for about 2 weeks. Well yesterday I noticed 2 seeds have already sprouted and one more is just getting ready to break the surface. I am so stoked!
It has only been 7 days total. So I am crossing my finger for these babies. I planted 5 seeds in all. I have dreams of transporting them into larger pots and placing them by our front door. Or maybe planting them in our flower bed where Irises currently reside. We will see! Grow SweetPeas Grow!

If these are successful, I really want to start my own Herb Garden to make my own Herbal Teas. How fun would that be!


  1. My mom has black thumb denial syndrom too! lol I wish you the best of luck with your sweet peas! It's always awesome to see plants grow and develop from seeds.

  2. Haha, I am determined to cure it. I will be posting progress pictures as they mature. (Which they will, they just have too!) lol.