Monday, February 28, 2011

M-Edge Convertible Sleeve Review

Our Nook purchase left us pretty broke, so when I discovered that M-Edge was giving away covers for Christmas, I was really hopeful to win one. Well, I did! I won their Convertible Sleeve! I was so stoked. I immediately took pictures and did a video review. When I shot this video, I hadn't used the case for more than a day or two, so I don't think I was able to give it a fair review. So I will start by giving it a verbal review of what I think NOW after about 2+ months of use and put the video after it. I will create a new post with an updated video review of the sleeve later on.

Convertible Sleeve(CS) Review:
Let me be completely honest here right off the bat, the sleeve really isn't much to look at. I am a person who loves color and personalizing things. So the appearance really does nothing for me one bit. But fortunately, I am not one to get so hung up of appearance that I forgo the functionality aspect. I have a more expensive, more colorful Jonathan Adler Nook Cover. But I only use this M-Edge case and here is why...It is so slim! I have a small pocket on the outside of my purse that my Nook fits in with just a bit of wiggle room. When I put it in the CS, it is a perfect fit. The JA cover doesn't even have a chance at fitting in my purse. Plus the CS sleeve is so lightweight, it doesn't add any additional weight to the Nook. It is a bit cumbersome to have to remove the Nook completely then reinsert it into the corner holders. But I can live with that for now. I am a bit concerned though about the edges of the Nook wearing out those corner holders. When the nook is zipped up inside, I can pretty distinctly feel where the Nook stresses the holders. But so far I haven't had any actual issues. It has kept my Nook from scratches. If you watch the video, you hear where I mention that it is a bit awkward to hold, and it is at first. But I quickly grew accustomed to the feel of it and don't notice that awkwardness as much anymore.
I will definitely continue using this Sleeve until I find something that is just as slim and lightweight that has a bit more personality.

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