Friday, March 4, 2011

Growing Sweet Peas (3.4.11)

So it has only been 4 days since my first post of my Sweet Pea sprouts, but I just had to share their progress. They have grown SO fast! Plus I found a little surprise. Remember how I mentioned that I used the soil from my failed Strawberry attempt? Well...apparently there was still an ungerminated seed left in the soil somewhere because I checked on them today and saw a baby Strawberry sprout!

The tiny sprout with two round leaves on the right is the Strawberry plant. The whiteish dot on the left is the last Sweet Pea that is just beginning to sprout.
I'm so proud of these little guys! I have a feeling it won't be long before I am planting my Basil in here next. :)

'Till Next Time!


  1. I want to have a veggie garden so bad!! Lucky you! =)

  2. Jenn, I hope to eventually graduate to a full-fledged garden out back. But we are renting so I don't know how committed I want to get. But I am definitely enjoying my little windowsill garden. =)