Friday, March 11, 2011

New M-Edge Goodies!!

Sooo...I got my M-Edge package in the mail today! I got the M-Edge Trip Jacket for Nook (Hot Pink/Lime Green) and the brand-spankin'-new E-Luminator Touch. I couldn't wait to take pictures and share with you guys. I intend to do a pretty in-depth review on both of these products along with videos. But I wanted to wait about a week on that so I can get some time to get a good feel for them.
Now for the reveal... =)

The M-Edge Trip Jacket - Initial Thoughts:
So let me just start off by saying I LOVE the color! I dig eye-popping and funky color combos, so the Hot Pink and Lime Green (as unappealing as it sounds) is actually quite a fun combo and great for the Spring and Summer coming up. The pink covers are made out of a canvas material that must be enforced by something soft and plushy. It is very comfortable to touch and hold. It is bound by a neutral leather spine. After first opening and closing it a few times, the spine definitely felt very stiff and rigid, but with a tad bit of encouragement, it will fold completely back on itself (see exhibit a & b). In fact, I folded the cover back and wrapped the elastic around it to help hold it back there. After being in this position for a few minutes, when open, the cover would lay completely flat, instead of popping closed. So this leads me to believe it just may need some breaking in.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

The covers are lined with a neutral tan suede material. This not only provides a soft backing for the nook, but also quite a nice texture to feel while reading. The Nook is held in by two Leather pocket/bracket like things on the bottom and a Leather/Elastic combo on the top.
Here arises another concern that will hopefully sort itself out after some regular use and breaking-in. The Nook doesn't appear to settle quite all the way down into the bottom Leather holders. Which presses the Nook out of the top of the case a little more than I think it was designed to. But, like I said, I am hoping the holders loosen up over time and will be sure to update you guys later on how they are doing.
So, needless to say, I am stoked to start using this case! It's slim, lightweight, and colorful.

The E-Luminator Touch - Initial Thoughts
Well since I can't really break this one into 2 categories like I did the case, I'll just get right down to it. This is such a cool little light! First off, it only uses 1 AAA Battery. So that not only makes it light, but the light stays steady until the end and the batteries are affordable to replace. The paperclip style make it a viable option for not only e-book readers but also DTB(dead tree book) readers. The base snaps into several different angles and the neck stay in whatever position you put it in. The touch sensor is incredibly responsive and has 3 different brightness settings.
So far it seems to be a pretty awesome light!

'Till Next Time!

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